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Castile Baroque Andalusians proudly specializes in something rare today: the Old Style Baroque Andalusian, with the foundation P.R.E. stallion ELEGIDO C. He has an impressive pedigree starting with MALUSO, AGENTE, and LEBRIJANO III from his sires side and POSEIDO V appearing twice on his dams side. Eleigido's sire, Elegido XXIII was a Dressage Champion, so he has the best dressage breeding along with the wonderful roundness of the Terry lines from his Dams side. Elegido is a (homozygous) blue black color 15'3 hands, born 2001. He was imported from Spain as a two year old by Karen Sausman, Kingsmark Farms, California. Castile Baroque Andalusians' goal is to produce/promote the more original type of Andalusian, the horse of many many years ago in Spain, the horse that was used for and so natural for high school and airs movements. Elegido has nearly perfect conformation ratios. His beautiful head is well set, with a smooth neck into withers top line, compact back, round croup and powerful hindquarters. His movement is straight,(no winging whatsoever) elevated, cadenced and he produces nice extension at the trot. He is schooling piaffe/passage/spanish walk. He is ridden daily for pleasure and has a show record. Best of all, Elegido has that wonderful Andalusian temperment and personality that I understand he passes on to his offspring of which he now has eight plus four grandbabies. The eight mares he has been bred to with AI have all settled the first time. Most are blacks, bred to both black and grey pure and non-andalusian mares.