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The Kilimanjaro Ranch was started by Avi Cohen and Family of Malibu, California in 2000. I began looking throughout the U.S. for the specific type of Andalusian Horse that I wanted. After much time and effort, I was unable to find the exact type of of Andalusian Horse that I desired. It is at this time that I decided to travel to Spain in search of what is commonly known as the Old Style Andalusian Horse. I wanted stallions only; powerful, athletic and beautiful. On my first trip, I found three Andalusian Horse of interest. Unfortunately, none of the passed the Veterinarian check-up. This was a great discouragement since while on this first trip to Spain, I had scoured the countryside driving at least 200 to 400 miles everyday. This trip did have some success as I did develop a contact to help in my search. When I arrived in Spain for my second trip, my contact and I made many phone calls to breeders before we once again started off across the countryside. The funny thing about Spain is that everyone you speak to will tell you that they have exactly the Andalusian Horse you are looking for. Then once I made the trip to the location, of course the horse is not quite what I thought it would be. I began to specifically ask for the Baroque Old Style Spanish Horse. I was met with the same response over and over again. “That does not exist anymore” or sometimes I would get a more positive response advising me that this was just “very hard to find”. Now I was back to the drawing board. Finally, by the third and fourth trips, I found exactly what I was looking for. The videos and pictures you will view on this web site are the results of my search. Avi Cohen